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Special equipment MPZ -MPZ-PL Perforation LaboratoryMPZ-PL Perforation Laboratory

MPZ-PL is designed for road transportation of personnel, perforating equipment cases, and charged perforating equipment without initiating devices, explosive materials from on-site storage to worksites....

Special equipment MPZ -MPZ-HVTL High Voltage Testing LaboratoryMPZ-HVTL High Voltage Testing Laboratory

MPZ-HVTL is designed for testing electric power substations and power cables as well as for cable fault localization using preliminary and exact localization equipment...

Special equipment MPZ -MPZ-QCL welded joint quality control laboratoryMPZ-QCL welded joint quality control laboratory

MPZ-QCL is a tool for assurance of pipeline quality control, with guaranteed detection of weld defects....

Special equipment MPZ -MPZ-QCLSP quality control laboratories for checking the technical state of pipelines (insulation quality and electrochemical protection)MPZ-QCLSP quality control laboratories for checking the technical state of pipelines (insulation quality and electrochemical protection)

MPZ-QCLSP are designed for field tests of corrosion state and assessing corrosion protection of insulated underground metal pipelines, as well as for electrochemical protection parameter setting and adjustment of protective installation...

Special equipment MPZ -MPZ-MDC Mobile diving systemMPZ-MDC Mobile diving system

MPZ-MDC is designed for all kinds of underwater engineering works, including emergency works, examination, repairs and construction of waterworks for oil refineries, fuel and energy industry enterprises, water supply, sewerage, river ports....


Designed for special emergency aid for the divers who have been injured during special technical underwater works, as well as for injured sailors, divers and saved submariners who are in a state of decompression disorder and general hypothermia....


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About our factory

Hundreds of various MPZ automobiles produced by ZAO Mytischinsky Priborostroitelny Zavod (Mytishchi Instrument Making Plant) travel along the roads of Russia and the CIS. Each of them is unique and designed for its individual task – exploration and repair works, rescue and protection, sometimes everything at the same time!

The SUPERTERM five-ply sandwich panels used to finish van bodies provide effective protection both from coldness of tundra and exhausting desert heat, while the double-plate tempered motor glass shields from unwanted guests and process accidents. Absolute tightness of block and component joints achieved through special glue sealing, as well as door- and window-frame design, guarantees the sound protection from desert sand and chilly slush.

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