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Articles - Advantages of MPZ-PK hoisters

Hoisters MPZ-PK manufactured by OAO MPZ are provided with a number of design advantages:

The unique compact layout design of power reduction gear across the mechanically driven LU.
A separate cable laying mechanism. Measuring roller and weighting device arranged directly on the cable laying mechanism
Cable laying mechanism is located on the level of the upper drum bearing rib.
Drum with reduction gear is being manufactured.

Reinforced cable layer of new generation provides the high-quality automatic cable laying (self-laying) without slipping on the measuring roller and without overlapping, but enabling the mechanical and hydraulic alignment:

  • High accuracy of cable travel depth and speed measuring is achieved through reduction of cable slipping along the measuring roller.
  • In changing cable diameter electrical control pulpit carries out alignment.
  • Depth, speed and tension sensors are installed directly on the laying mechanism that improves its ergonomic characteristics. There is no need to draw payoff cables from the upper and guiding roller to the hoister.
  • Three-roller measuring system of cable depth, speed and tension is installed on a polished chromium-plated rod providing efficient self-laying (even in case of hoister standing not absolutely straight relative to the opening), corrector with chain drive is used only near drum flange to provide transit of cable into another row. Friction bearing is protected from dust and dirt by special sealing.

Reliable drive with increased dynamic speed range of 35 – 9,000 m/h:

  • The modified power reduction gear in mechanically driven LU allows for 8-times changing of transmission ratio and provides minimal cable travel speed of 35 m/h.
  • Increase of chain service life and exclusion of drum pivot damage due to the modified driven hoister sprocket. As compared to the conventional scheme, under similar cable force conditions, the load upon the pulling chain is reduced THREE times.
  • Increase of hoist service life: reduction of propeller shaft lifting angle leads to increase in cross-pieces service life by 70% and extension of U-joints service.
  • Increase of operator’s section without violation of car weighing balance: location of power reduction gear across the lifting mechanism. Such a layout allows for installation of additional equipment and enlargement of free space for personnel operation and rest.

Electrical control panel

  • Control system with digital logging readout (speed, running depth, cable tension, DMG (magnetic depth mark detector)), audio and visual alarm system at bullet approaching the wellhead and specified constraints, intensive lighting of LU body and wellhead
  • Control system of car motor operation modes and pressure in LU brake system.
  • Processor controller and self-checker of all panels.
  • Hoist control panel (speed, brake, reduction gear switch control, etc).

Electrical control panel of mechanically driven LU. Parking brake drive crane. Corrector steering wheel. Gearbox shift lever. Stand-by coupling pedal. Stand-by gearbox lever. Diesel power generator control panel. Intercom station. Vent hole. Divan-locker. View from operator’s section through a partition window.
Electrical control panel of mechanically driven LU. Parking brake drive crane. Corrector steering wheel. Gearbox shift lever. Stand-by coupling pedal. Stand-by gearbox lever. Diesel power generator control panel. Intercom station. Vent hole. Divan-locker. View from operator’s section through a partition window.
Electrical control panel of electrically driven LU.
Electrical control panel of hydraulically driven LU (on a cross-country vehicle).

Brake system is supplied with two individual drives: smooth pneumatic brake and energy storage battery.

  • Pneumatic brake is provided with a pressure-reducing valve allowing for smooth adjustment of braking mode at free run in working mode.
  • Emergency braking is carried out by energy storage batteries springs.
  • Cable traveling-block limit switch system will produce sound and light alarm signal and automatically stop travel in case of tension exceeding the specified critical values.

High exploring capacity of hoist: the number of supports for fastening borehole instruments can be increased up to 16 nos. due to specific design features of the body. To improve on-board weighing balance, the supports used for instruments transportation are made of light-weighted fiberglass.

A full-scale viewing of wellhead and wellhead equipment: partition window and tailor-made body roof enables the hoist operator to have a full-scale view of wellhead, guiding and suspended rollers.

Roof lifting unit. Floodlights for wellhead lighting. Loudspeaker for giving instructions. Jib-crane for facilitation of borehole equipment and spare wheel loading.
Boxes for container transportation are combined with ladder and sloped to increase the rear departure angle and improve car cross-country capability.

Light-weighted supports for borehole instrumentation made of fiberglass are used in the body for improvement of its weighing balance.
Under-body supports are well suited for borehole instrumentation up to 5 m long.

Noise from logging works has been significantly reduced.

In-house production line for the five-layer a sandwich-panels the SUPERTERM allows for manufacture of all products in isothermal van bodies that provide convenient operation in any climatic zone.

  • Excellent thermal insulation for work at temperatures ranging from -40˚C to +40˚C
  • Operation life is 15 years without loss of application properties
  • Low thermal conductivity of thermal insulation material
  • High humidity resistance (water absorption of body material 0.3% of vol.)
  • Manageability and usability: body surface never turns yellow or fades, possesses soil-repellent properties, does not need coating and retains positive external appearance
  • Body material does not produce harmful emissions
  • Hardness retention throughout the operational life
  • Compliance with all world standards requirements
  • Application of these materials for body construction allows reducing the final body weight, which improves the automobile cross-country capability and controllability

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