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The in-house production line for the SUPERTHERM five-ply sandwich panels based on Finnish technology allows OAO MPZ to manufacture isothermal car bodies providing convenient working conditions in any climatic zone.

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  • Excellent thermal insulation for work under rough climatic conditions with temperatures ranging from -40˚C to +40˚C
  • Operation life is 15 years without loss of application properties
  • High mechanic durability (0.025 W/m*K at 10˚C)
  • High humidity resistance (closed pores in polystyrol, water absorption of body material 0.3% of vol.)
  • Low specific weight of body material provides reduction of item weight, which improves the automobile cross-country capability and controllability
  • Manageability and usability: absolutely even body surface never turns yellow or fades, possesses soil-repellent properties, does not need coating and retains positive external appearance
  • Body material combustion does not produce harmful emissions
  • High rigidity of sandwich panels allows for their use as supporting construction elements. Bodies retain hardness throughout the operation life
  • The vacuum-like effect provides additional energy saving in the course of operation
  • SUPERTHERM sandwich panels are provided with hygienic certificate and can be used for manufacture of automobile bodies, trade halls, and in civil construction.

Various frame modifications enable their mounting on all major truck models (GAZ, KAMAZ, URAL, AMUR, Mercedes) as well as on semi-trailers, cross-country vehicles, on a frame-skid for helicopter transportation.


Sandwich panel scheme:

  • The panel face (both on outside and inside) is made of acid-resistant plastic reinforced with fiberglass of impact-proof fiberglass grade.
  • Thermal insulation layer is made of blue-colored, self-extinguishing, harmless STYROFOAM IBF extruded polystyrene.
    STYROFOAM is a special material with high insulating efficiency designed by DOW (USA) in 1941. Due to the extruded technology applied, thermal insulation boards are provided with the uniform texture of vacuum-tight cells.
    Advantages: long-term low thermal conductivity, high mechanical stability together with light weight, absence of capillarity, zero water absorption, durability, high vapor-proof capacity.
  • Humidity-resistant plywood as intermediate reinforcement sandwich panel ply.

The SUPERTHERM sandwich panels are manufactured by dry gluing technology in vacuum environment with application of special two-component solvent-free polyurethane Kestopur glue (KIILTO, Finland). This method entirely prevents void formation inside the panels as the case may be with pouring in of liquid polyurethane.

There are diverse types of panel thickness available: from 200 mm to 160 mm with various ply materials. The high polystyrol adhesive efficiency provides a higher strength of adhesion with the coating ply. Maximum panel dimensions: 13,000 mm x 3,500 mm.

- - - -

The car body may consist of one, two or three sections divided by thermal insulating partitions. The interior layout, instrumentation and equipment are individual and custom-tailored. Internal wall coating may be of molded board or colored plastic. The body floor may be lined either with wear-resistant linoleum or sheet metal.

Bodies can be provided with internal and external lighting, intercom station, ventilation and heating systems, air conditioning and external or stand-alone power supply units, as well as with life-supporting household appliances (sink, gas stove, microwave, refrigerator, etc).

Double glass panes made of tempered safety motor glass, special glue sealing, sealed joints of body parts provide water- and dust-proofness of the car body. Window railing serves as guarding in emergency situations. To retain maximum free space, the body inside is equipped with specially designed sleeping berths, cabinets, racks, shelves and desks of various configurations.

The body is provided with extension ladders, external boxes and cabinets for transportation of instruments, equipment, batteries, isolated generators, gas cylinders, items and substances unwanted or forbidden near living compartment.

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