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Мытищинский приборостроительный завод
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About us

ZAO Mytischinsky Priborostroitelny Zavod is one of the major Russian enterprises specializing in design and manufacture of single-purpose engineering centers, mobile laboratories, stations and workshops for oil-and-gas industry, Ministry of Emergency, public utilities, as well as for other branches utilizing up-to-date and reliable equipment intended for rough road and climate conditions.

Within 78 years of its development MPZ has grown from a number of minor workshops (1928) into a modern high-tech enterprise (2006). Since 1995 the plant has been governed by a new management team, and at the moment OAO MPZ stands among the leading geophysical equipment suppliers for fuel and energy industry.

Today our plant is associated with:

  • High technologies, state-of-the-art equipment and components complying with the world leading technologies
  • In-house design service consisting of high-qualified experts with thirty years of experience in design of specialized equipment
  • Complete service package ranging from development of technical assignment and design documentation in collaboration with the Customer to manufacture and supply of products complying with current operational requirements
  • In-house production line for the SUPERTERM five-ply sandwich panels allowing the enterprise to manufacture all products in isothermal car bodies that provide convenient operation in all climatic zones
  • Sound price-quality relationship that makes OAO MPZ products particularly attractive to major Russian enterprises and companies


MPZ product range and configurations are customized to suit specific purpose and application.
Every item is unique!



The quality control system covers every production stage starting from development of technical assignment and design documentation to product manufacture and supplies to Customer.

Design and manufacture are carried out under license of the Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service (No. RRS 00-14116) and Euro-Asian geophysical community standard (ST EAGO-037-02).


1928. Centrospezstroy shops were established for metalwork repairs in Moscow.

1932. Shops renamed into Moscow Engineering Station.

1939. Production is transferred to Mytishchi and further development as an engineering enterprise.

1942. The plant has been renamed into Remontno-Mekhanichesky Zavod (Machinery and Repair Plant). The plant focused on defense products and fuel equipment manufacture, as well as car, tractor and motor repair work.

1944. The plant proceeded to development and production of geophysical equipment and instruments for oil-and-gas deposits exploration; manufacture of equipment for ore fields and mineral recourses exploration.

1949. The plant was once again renamed into Mytishchinsky Priborostroitelny Zavod under the Soyuzgeoneftepribor Trust, the USSR Ministry of Oil Industry.

Until 1985 it was the sole enterprise producing electric exploration and logging stations as well as laboratories designed for search, surveying and development of oil, gas, coal, water and other mineral deposits with application of various methods. Each product is a sophisticated piece of equipment employing digital and microelectronic devices.

The plant products are exported into 27 countries including Bulgaria, Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Vietnam, Cuba, Laos, Algeria, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, India, and Argentine.

1995. Under market economy conditions a new managing team takes over the plant and has been running it since that time. First steps towards plant revival.

1996. Complete renewal of product lineup. Up-to-date products release restarted.

1997. Start of a new production line for first-class isothermal car bodies.

1998. The plant becomes a member of Scientific-Technical and Commercial Association of collaboration in well-site exploration and works.

2000. The plant won the 1000 Best Russian Enterprises and Companies competition.

2004. OAO MPZ enters the Russian top 100 list of enterprises. The enterprise experts are working in close collaboration with major oil, gas and energy companies

By now OAO MPZ has become a modern diversified enterprise manufacturing a wide range of specialized equipment for fuel-and-energy plants, public utilities and other industries utilizing sophisticated and knowledge-intensive facilities. Constant increase in producing capacities and modern technologies application make OAO MPZ major supplier of special equipment for oil-and-gas industry.